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CRYPTISA is the most advanced and secured encryption in the world it encrypt files using an ten-tuple-randomized-encryption. If you encrypt the same file multiple times the encryption will be entirely different every time (Infinitely). All other encryption programs that are available you can crack and you can decrypt an encrypted file without using the password. CRYPTISA’s encryption and the program itself are protected by BitEditDetect technology. You cannot crack CRYPTISA.exe and you cannot modify the encrypted files.  So basically CRYPTISA is an Unbreakable Encryption.
PhotoToText9 allows you to convert your color photo's/images/pictures into color or blackwhite text version. PhotoToText9 allows you to customize your photos with text. Easy to use all you do is select from three models select your photo and enter any text you like. You can save the photos to text and surprise your special ones as gift for wedding anniversary or birthday.
BitClone9 is an intuitive and very easy to understand piece of software designed to offer you the ability of creating backups of your computer partitions, as well as restore them from existing images.  As such, you can ‘Save Disk / Partition to Image’, ‘Save Image to Disk / Partition’, ‘Save CD / DVD / BD’ or even ‘Burn ISO Image to CD / DVD / BD’.
Written by Elena Opris ( BitEdit9 is a Windows app that permits users to examine files of any type directly via hexadecimal display, as well as to change code as easily as working with a common word processor like Notepad. The installation procedure does not take a long time to finish. Those who want to bypass the setup operation and  run the app directly from a pen drive may resort to BitEdit9 Portable, its portable counterpart.BitEdit9's interface is made from a normal window with a fairly intuitive structure, where you can open a file using the regular browser, since the drag-and-drop method is unsupported. The file content's hex translation is immediately shown in the main frame, enabling you to jump to any offset to modify hex values. It is possible to make a selection and copy it to the Clipboard or replace it with something else, use a search function when dealing with large data amounts, as well as switch to decimal, octal or binary display and edit code.The app can be integrated into the Explorer context menu for easy access. It supports multiple UI languages, and it is capable of opening the hex code of drives. Changes can be overwritten to the existing files or saved to new ones (the latter is recommended, as a backup measure). We have not come across any issues in our tests, since the tool did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It executes a command swiftly and uses low CPU and memory in the meantime. In conclusion, if you're looking for a straightforward hexadecimal editor with bonus support for decimal, octal and binary display mode, then BitEdit9 gets the job done. It bundles the necessary and suffice features for editing code in no time.
(integrated in CRYPTISA)
HideFile he hides behind a file to another file, HideFile is a handy program that can disguise files from your computer using a different document as a mask. The application requires you to create an account and secure it with a password, so no unauthorized individuals can access the files.
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With MaroEmna9 you can Generate/Create new Names or Words with Standard Alphabet or Illyrian Alphabet.  MaroEmna9 is a simple to understand piece of software developed to assist you in generating random sets of letters, which you can use in a variety of purposes, for instance word games or as passwords. Clear-cut and intuitive usage Subsequent to a brief and uneventful installation, you can launch the program and get started with it right away, as it is fairly easy to handle, once you figure out the purpose of each menu and field. The main window displays thirteen menus to let you opt for consonants or vowels and their specific order, while the ‘Model Name’ field enables you to determine the total amount of characters.
(do not restore the partition where windows is installed and at the same time is open)
I use this technique for string encryption(manually) since 2001 in my first program SkipAttack.. in year 2012 i created a program to encrypt the strings for BitEdit9 and later for CRYPTISA.. now i improve StringEncrypt9 and i see is usefull.. this is why i publish for free..
(i ndryshum nga cia viruses)
(i ndryshum nga cia viruses)